TOUR ANNOUNCEMENT (# 2) “A Rustic Tour of Cilento”, with Johnny Madge exploring the food, wine and (of course) olive oil in this “hidden jewel” of Italy! 5 days and 6 nights October 20 thru 26, 2019  accommodations at La Residenza Torchiara, located near the rustic coast of Cilento.  arrivals: Sunday, October 20 th  departures: Saturday, October 26 th  destination: Naples International Airport  ITINERARY: will include: (not necessarily in this order)  Prignano Winery  Santo Miele Fig factory  Paestum Greek Temples  Mozzarella Vannulo (Buffalo Mozzarella farm)  Maida-Terra di Sapori (bottlers of tomatoes, artichokes, sauces)  SanRead More →