Real Italian food, wine and, of course, OIL
Photo by Adam Wolkoff

The oils selected by Johnny Madge are oils of character, oils which have more than once won prizes such as Best Olive Oil in Italy. These are finishing oils which gave flavour and beauty (just look at the green!) to dishes just before they go on the table.

Seductive scent of summer: tomato and apple. Gorgeous rich tomatoey/olivey mouth. Try it on mozzarella - you won't need the tomato and basil!
Delicate herbal/floral nose. Freshly-cut grass with tingly, peppery finish. Perfect on warm cannellini beans with garlic and sage-mouth-watering.
Single-variety canino olive: super-green with a deep, inviting nose and a long peppery finish. Gives a fresh bite to grilled meat or garlic bruschetta.
Typical Sabina grassy and herbal notes. Green and fresh in the mouth but also rich and complex. Transforms pasta e fagioli (borlotti beans).
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