Real Italian food, wine and, of course, OIL
Gary Rhodes tastes oil with Johnny Madge
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Olive Oil Tours

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Johnny has a 9 seater mini-bus and can take people on a tour of olive groves, olive presses (particularly when they are working you can taste the freshly-made oil) and olive oil producers.

Only one Englishman has worked on the tasting panel of Slow Food's Extravergini olive oil guide: Johnny Madge. His expertise is thus unique.


 Tours can start at any time that suits our clients. Many people now take the 9.00 train from Tiburtina which arrives in Fara Sabina station at 9.41 and we take it from there. During the week the train service is very frequent thus allowing for great flexibility: every 15 minutes. Some people prefer to take a later train at 11.45 arriving out in Sabina (at Poggio Mirteto station) at 12.31. But we are happy for you to arrive at whatever time suits you during the morning.

During the tour we visit an olive tree which is almost certainly 2,000 years old. While walking through olive groves I explain how the trees are pruned and how the olives are harvested. Often, growing round the trees, we find wild edible plants which we can smell and, if people like to, even taste. Sabina is very rich in these free vegetables: wild hops and asparagus to name two of the most popular. As we drive along through the beautiful countryside I explain how great olive oils are made, what an extra virgin is, what is in some of those bottles on supermarket shelves that claim to be extra virgin and how we are now beginning to pair the best oils with the simplest of ingredients. The idea is that the tour is relaxed so whenever anyone wants to stop to take photographs or simply to have a coffee people should feel free to ask.

When we stop for lunch we start by having a tasting of a minimum of three of the Best Olive Oils in the World. This can be done by sipping/slurping as you can see in the video here we made with Gary Rhodes. However there is always bread to hand for those who prefer to taste it with food.

The whole lunch with wine/beer; the tastings and presentation as well as all the transport in Sabina are all included in the price.


Not everyone has the time to come on my Olive Oil Tour. Now, for those who would like to taste some great olive oils and learn something about olive oil in general, it is possible to do so in Rome. Have a look at
If you are interested please let us know and we can set something up!

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